Sustainability at Born

Sustainability is a key topic for us at Born. This is true both in relation to our clients and their business and also within our own organisation. We take a long-term approach when it comes to the business of our clients and to creating value for all of our stakeholders. We also make efforts to ensure a positive working environment and modern leadership for our team members at Born.

Part of our clients’ sustainability agenda

The transformation of the finance and property sectors towards sustainability is advancing rapidly. The pace at which our clients are expected to meet demanding ESG targets throughout their business and in every investment is accelerating. We aim to be a strong partner in this transformation through our role as a creative and business-oriented legal advisor.

Working efficiently does not always mean late nights. The colleagues are very nice and the cohesion at agency level is really good.

A sustainable organisation

We are a modern law firm which values a positive mental and physical environment. Our work is based on a strong set of values. Clear but responsive leadership, strong development opportunities, participation, communication and a rapid learning curve are all key cornerstones of our business, enabled by a culture in which senior and junior colleagues work closely together.

High business ethics

Working for good practice is a central part of our professional role. It includes a range of aspects to counter risks of bribery, corruption, money laundering, conflict of interest, undue tax evasion, terrorism financing and similar crimes that may occur in business in relation to corporate transactions. We support our clients in identifying and managing such risks and apply the same ethics in our own operations, based on independence, client loyalty, confidentiality and other aspects of good lawyer’s practice. For a sustainable business life.